Diversity Equity & Inclusion Consulting

for leaders and organizations

Embodied executive coaching

I love helping people to understand their influence and impact in order to grow into more connected and compassionate leaders. I provide coaching that will help you to feel more embodied, values-aligned, and heart-centered in your role. We will address barriers to being the kind of leader you want to be and expanding your capacity to center the needs of your organization and workplace communities.

Inclusive design

Do you believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion but aren’t sure how to translate that into concrete action? Together we can look at all aspects of design in your workplace, including hiring practices, organizational structures, communications, workflows, social media and branding, and technology systems. I can help your teams to create systems that will help bridge values and action.

Speaking engagements

I can speak to your organization on a number of topics. Most commonly I provide training on creating inclusive workplace environments, especially for BIPOC, queer, and trans employees.. For those in provider roles, I can provide education on affirming care across all aspects of cultural difference as well as more specific curriculum on trans health, disordered eating, body liberation, and relationships/sexuality. I tailor my presentations and workshops based on the needs of the organization/participants. Reach out to discuss your ideas!

Brief consultation or “quick questions”

Do you need someone to review a product or communication? Or to help with inclusive design or language? I am happy to provide brief consultation and feedback as well as make recommendations for moving your organization/project in a direction that is aligned with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We believe that effective and
meaningful change requires:

Shifting From the
Head to the Heart Center

Traditional DEI work can center an overly didactic approach, such as teaching concepts and definitions without any connection to the heart or emotions. We know that change happens when people are moved and the change that is being requested is in line with their values and their desire to connect with others.

Shifting From Trauma-Inducing to Trauma Informed

We recognize that a trauma-informed approach, one which acknowledges the nervous system and habitual ways of guarding against pain or discomfort, is crucial in addressing challenging issues that are rooted in deep and often painful personal and societal dynamics.

Shifting Power and Responsibility

Unconscious organizations often perpetuate social systems of inequity and oppression. We know that people excel in the presence of psychological safety. We want to support you in making conscious and equitable choices that attract, nurture, and retain people of all backgrounds.

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