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Supporting others’ learning is one of my number one passions, and I feel grateful to have had opportunities to work with a wide range of groups and organizations. I started my teaching career in psychology graduate programs, and from there I branched out to provide trainings to educational institutions, medical systems, grassroots organizations, non-profits, startups, and the corporate sector. Frequently requested training topics include:

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When meeting with new clients interested in training or workshops, I like to learn about past and current challenges, the context/culture of the event or organization, and main goals and hopes. Some trainings are more didactic, while others are more interactive, but opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection are always integrated. I aim to be friendly and accessible in training and to help people to connect to the material both cognitively and emotionally. I am available for individual trainings as well as those offered in a series. 

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“Dr. Chang is one of the best trainers I’ve encountered—very articulate with a tremendous understanding about gender identity and sexual orientation. Dr. Chang is approachable and creates a safe environment in the training room.”

Mita Banerjee, San Jose, CA