Internal Family Systems and Trans Communities

A prerecorded 90-minute webinar with four trans and/or nonbinary IFS therapists

About the Course

Are all genders welcome in IFS? Is gender a part?

This workshop features a panel of four trans and/or nonbinary therapists who are trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS). The presenters will discuss the application of IFS with respect to gender identity, trans experience, and living in a ciscentric world. They will also discuss experiences navigating being trans and/or nonbinary providers in the IFS community. The presenters will highlight the ways in which “all genders welcome” and “all parts welcome” must apply across the intersections of race, class, age, and other cultural identity markers. Participants will be led in experiential exercises to help attune to their own parts that have been affected by gender socialization, the gender binary, transphobia, and ciscentrism. We welcome anyone who is interested in using IFS with trans clients, but the conversation will center trans and/or nonbinary providers. For a brief overview of IFS, please watch this video.

Sand Chang, PhD
Lance Hicks, LMSW
Sundaura Lithman, LCSW
Nic Wildes, LMHC

Choose a pricing option

$60 - Full Fee

Recommended for people with dominant identities (white, cisgender, higher SES). Given the focus of this workshop being on trans and/or nonbinary people, we especially request that cisgender people pay full fee.

$20 Reduced Fee 2

Recommended for people with multiple non-dominant identities (BIPOC, trans, lower SES) that create barriers to financial resources.

$40 - Reduced Fee 1

Recommended for people with some barriers to financial resources based on non-dominant identities.